Python Start
For kids aged 10 to 14
Kids learn to code in Python — one of the most popular programming languages in the world. They get to apply their knowledge in practice, creating programs for study, entertainment and everyday life
A solid start
Kids start creating games and apps right from their first classes, studying the tools and terminology they need as they progress
Hands-on learning
In the form of a game, our students take a journey from an interview with an IT company to becoming a lead developer
A deep dive into IT
By completing orders, students learn how to allocate tasks in a team, plan their time effectively and work towards their goals
Nurturing project thinking
in programming
Scaling new heights
A project-based approach
Working in a real IT company means real orders! Students get to develop automatic calculation programs, tactical shooters and apps for processing photos. Each project marks a new step in their understanding of how to code.
with every project
Write code in Python, and understand its syntax and basic data types (within 2 months)
Create computer apps and make them user-friendly (within 5 months)
Develop games with multiple levels using Python's professional libraries (within a year)
Work in a team and create their own projects, from the basic idea to presentation (by the end of their second year)
learn to
Choose a format
Length: 2 academic years
Studying takes place on weekdays after school or at the weekends
A class lasts for 90 minutes with a break in the middle
Take classes from anywhere in the world
No time spent on traveling
Up to 10 kids per group
Classes at the Algorithmics school
In-person interaction with the teacher and fellow classmates
Up to 12 kids per group
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